Senior Software Developer

We are looking for an enthusiastic Senior Software Developer to join our experienced software product team. You will report directly to the CTO and assist with all functions of software coding and design. Your primary focus will be to provide scalable solutions to data and security requirements via APIs and cloud solutions. This role will drive the conversion of a v1 POC into a scalable platform.

Tags: Full Time,Remote

Type: Full Time

Director of Demand Generation

Thousands of scientific machines are underutilized across the world while they could be helping researchers discover new treatments or even cures for millions of diseases. As Director of Demand, you will be part of the founding team and doing something historic. You will change how science is consumed across the world from genomics and beyond.

Tags: Full Time

Type: Full Time

Marketing Manager

We are looking for a marketing guru to help us build brand and marketing strategy.

Tags: On-Site

Type: Full Time

Genomics Application Scientist

We are looking for a Genomics Application Scientist to help us build out our NGS and Proteomics instrument supply and support our customers as they navigate the experimental design to the active workflow learning process.

Tags: On-Site,Remote,Part Time

Type: Full Time

Junior Software Developer

We are looking for a Junior Developer to join our product and development team and help us support both active development and production services. This is a great opportunity to expand your skills and learn how startups grow and scale solutions.

Tags: Full Time,On-Site

Type: Full Time